Monday, December 3, 2012

Kings and Fairies

Christmas is bringing out the best stories from Bronson. He already sent a letter to Santa telling him that mommy should be on the naughty list and should not get any presents. When Kyle and I noticed that Santa had sent him the exact same letter back the second time we decided to ad lib the response and a Bronson was so excited to hear his Dad's added PS...I heard your mommy was naughty and unless it changes before Christmas she will stay on the naughty list. Bronson laughed so hard and celebrated by giving fist pumps to his daddy that is on the nice list.

As I was giving him a bath tonight he decided to tell me all about a project they are doing at school. He explained that they were making stables with baby Jesus. He ends the story by saying there was even animals, Mary, Joseph, the kings, and the fairies...I shook my head as I asked if he meant angels. Hahahaha

It should be very interesting this year because one of the gifts Bronson has asked for does not exist. When I told him that I had looked everywhere he nicely told me that he would just ask Santa because he could make anything. We were to going to be a crazy Santa house, but I sure love the imagination of a child.