Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bronson Stories

When asked to go bowling he thought we asked him to go bullying and accepted but thought it was a bit weird that we were asking him to play fight all night.

When he prays he thanks the Lord for sending his son to die for us.

Does not forget anything and constantly uses movie lines in appropriate conversations.

Is at the age where he repeats EVERYTHING. Latest embarrassing moment was when he pointed at an older waitress at a local restaurant and asked if she was the "crappy waitress." so bad for so many reasons.

Told me not to stress about him starting school because he is excited and will be learning a lot.

Apparently his daycare provider is a really good wife because she finds things for her kids and listens well. Mommy and his daycare provider's husband are okay, but not the best like Daddy and Jenny because we sass our kids. We are guessing the sassing means we tell them what to do. (According to Bronson)

He uses his hands to get the point across and consistently repeats phrases that we say to him when we are frustrated or trying to discipline him. The latest was, Mommy what is up with your attitude this morning? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? (He gets in trouble when he is disrespectful, but sometimes I also struggle not to laugh)

The latest funny moment was his philosophy on children; he calmly told us he doesn't mind other kids but just can't stand when kids are constantly crying about stupid things. He says this is his reason for liking older kids better.