Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

Our family vacation started with VBS Sunday. Our little man performed in his first church service and was beyond adorable! Ashley brought Oaklen over for a visit that afternoon and we had so much fun having him to ourselves for a sleepover and fun at Wacky Bounce the next day!

Wacky Bounce was fun, but we made for an even more memorable evening at the Drive-In with Grandpa when Bronson puked promptly 10 minutes before the movie Brave started. It was caused by a choking episode, but still made for quite the memory.

The next day we headed out to the beach to stay at Beverly Beach and camp with Summer, Ayden, and Alanna. It was a fun trip except we had to leave promptly at 2am because Bronson had a very bad reaction to the camp fire and couldn't stop coughing.

Because of the possibility that Bronson was actually sick we canceled our 4th of July BBQ and had my dad over to celebrate with us. It was a fun BBQ and fireworks kind of night!

The next day Bronson and I went swimming at Otter Beach while Kyle worked on our free truck!
The next day Bronson and I went swimming with our friend Jenn at the country club. We had lots of fun!

Saturday of vacation week was our annual Philomath Car Show. This year we barely got the Corvette ready because of a major foul with one of the parts. I say we, because I actually drove down to Junction City to get the part. We had fun, but the heat was a bit too much!

The last day of our vacation was the best. We spent the evening in our backyard on the Slip n' Slide and had a nice BBQ. Kyle doesn't remember much of the great part of this day because he ended up sick at 2am and the following day I had to take him the ER to get fluids. Overall, we had a great and memorable vacation. What more could we ask for?