Friday, January 6, 2012

8 years of marriage

Standing in front of our 2011 Christmas tree (I look forward to cleaning after Christmas every year)
We have made it 8 years and sometimes it doesn't even feel like a year has passed. This year was definitely one of our most relaxed anniversaries, but I wouldn't have changed a piece of it. Kyle and I woke up early and went to lunch, purchased some more fiesta ware, and then headed home to just hang out before picking up Bronson. We decided to swap out our old BBQ so that we had room for the one that my Mom purchased for us and then headed back down to Blodgett to pick up our little boy. It was his last day of being 3 after all and we wanted to celebrate. We allowed him to pick the restaurant and the three of us headed out to Izzy's to have some pizza. I know that it doesn't sound that romantic, but to me there is nothing better in this world than being with my two favorite guys. After dinner Kyle and I went home with Bronson and they built the BBQ while Bronson used power tools and Styrofoam to create a castle. I stayed inside the house and took down all of the Christmas decorations so that our house would have more room for Bronson's party the next day. In honor of our 8 years of marriage I will list the top 8 things I love about Kyle:
Bronson's last day of being 3

I want to be this many
  1. His smile
  2. His heart. He is one of the sweetest people I know
  3. His love for his son. I have never known anyone in my life that devotes themselves so completely to their children.
  4. His integrity. If you know Kyle you know that he always had your back and will always provide you with honest feedback.
  5. The fact that he works so hard for Bronson and I so that we have a stable and loving home to raise our family.
  6. His sense of humor. Yes, it does sometimes go overboard, but no one (other than Bronson) can make me laugh so hard.
  7. His ability to get along with anybody. He might not be the social butterfly that I am, but when he becomes your friend he will be a friend for life.
  8. The fact that he is my best friend and that we can talk about anything. I enjoy our late night conversations about life, cars, and even sometimes decorating.