Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Calendar Events

In lieu of filling Bronson up with candy through out this month we have decided to make our Advent Calendar a count down to Christmas with activities. I have taken some ideas from several wonderful friends, websites, and specifically Disney's web page to create a month full of fun and celebration. Feel free to use some of these ideas for your own family. Some of these activities will be repeated in the month to create an atmosphere of holiday nostalgia. I love seeing Christmas through my son's eyes. Merry Christmas to all of you!

Counting down to Christmas:
  1. Austin's Birthday party: listen to Christmas music on our drive as we point out lights.
  2. Go see Christmas lights with daddy, finish the evening with some hot chocolate.
  3. WOU Christmas tree lighting and kid's activities in the Werner University Center at 6pm
  4. Civil War: make cookies with Nana and go to storybook land with mommy and daddy after the game.
  5. Starker Christmas Tree Hunt, search for the perfect tree and then attend Olivia's party.
  6. Christmas coloring page: Will be in Bend, OR
  7. Eagle Crest Lights after mommy finishes conference
  8. Drink hot cocoa while looking at lights on the way home from Bend, OR
  9. Decorate our tree
  10. Create ribbon sash for all the Christmas cards, make popcorn garland
  11. Make ornaments for friends and family
  12. Write letter to Santa: Read Mark 1:1-8 CHRISTMAS COOKIES
  13. Take neighbors some yummy treats
  14. Go to Border's with Bronson and buy our annual Christmas book
  15. Read Luke 1:26-28 and celebrate Auntie Christen's birthday
  16. Make door hanger gifts
  17. Give gifts to NICU mommies
  18. Mommy is gone: Watch Polar Express with daddy
  19. Make a gingerbread house
  20. Create gifts for grandparents
  21. Go swimming at 7pm
  22. Read Matthew 1:18-24
  23. Relax with family and watch movies
  24. Open 1 gift (pjs) and read Luke 2:1-5
  25. Read Isaiah 9:1-6 while eating Christmas breakfast
Our family also does lights every night before bed and Kyle and I read a Christmas countdown bible story book. It has been a great tradition. I also advise keeping a Christmas journal. We started ours the second year of marriage and it always interesting to look back and read what we have done.
WOU's Christmas Tree