Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Kyle and I were reminiscing these past couple of days that we have had the most magical and wonderful Christmas ever. The holidays are so much better being able to view them through a child's eyes. I think that this will probably be the first Christmas that Bronson remembers and it has been lovely. Bronson was so excited to wake up on Christmas morning and realize that Santa had visited our home. He was beyond excited to see that he had brought him a Baby Dyson. Bronson is still obsessed with vacuums and I think this one topped the cake.

I have to back up a bit to explain that this was the first Christmas in Kyle's entire life that he didn't spend Christmas Eve at his parents. We decided that we needed to start our own tradition and that Bronson needed to wake up at his own house the morning of Christmas. We spent the entire day at my mom's house and then went to visit some family on Christmas Eve. It was so nice to be able to relax and spend time with my sisters and mom. Mom's new house has plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and enjoy themselves. Bronson fell asleep on the way home from mom's house so we decided to just let him sleep through the night. I put out cookies for Santa and Santa left a note thanking Bronson. I didn't want him to worry about forgetting this part.

Fast Forward: Christmas morning...Bronson was so thankful for each and every gift that he received. He kept saying, this is so cool and that is "so bery nice of you." It was so nice to be able to have time to relax and share these memories with our little family. Bronson kept asking if this was Jesus' birthday party? We had been talking a lot about it and trying as best as we can to explain to our son the true meaning of Christmas. We also explained that we celebrate by spending time with our family. As we drove down to Kyle's parents for the afternoon Bronson had the biggest smile on his face. He kept saying how happy he was. He said he was so happy to spend all this time with mommy and daddy. He really knows how to melt our hearts.

We finished our Christmas by sharing a meal with Kyle's family and spending the night there. Bronson woke up with an amazing case of the hives and things have been a bit weird since. No problem, Dr. P to the rescue and Bronson is now on steroids. We think it must be an allergic reaction to something he ate, but this poor kid even had hives on the bottoms of his feet and around his eyes. I am glad that I am off this week to deal with the side effects of a 3 year old on steroids, but this isn't how I pictured spending my vacation.

My Family

My Favorite Guys

Nana and her kiddos

Christmas 2010

Mommy and Bronson

Christmas Boy

Showing off his old and new vacuums

Deets Family 2010

Papa Cookie and Bronson

Papa Huey and Bronson

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Papa and Yaya with Bronson
Kyle and I celebrated our 7th anniversary by going out to dinner last night. Christen was sweet enough to watch him so that we could eat dinner at our favorite restaurant. Unfortunately he slept the whole time we were gone and decided it was party time when we returned. It was okay, because we spent the night redecorating his room for his birthday. Bronson now has a full sized bed complete with guitar decor. He loves his "big cozy teenager bed."