Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More than a break

I haven't been able to write in quite awhile. Life has been going about 60 mph as I have been trying to put on the brakes. Life is great! I don't have any complaints; however, I do wish it would slow down a bit. It dawned on my yesterday that Bronson is getting close to 3 years old. Kyle asked if this means that he will no longer be considered a toddler. I really didn't really have an answer to that question. Can you believe it? I don't really know when a parent stops thinking of their child as a little baby. I know that I no longer consider him an infant, but I believe that he will always be my little baby boy.

My job is even better than I imagined. I am busy the majority of the day and find that 8 hours goes by quickly. As a department our Graduate Office met their enrollment goal for Fall Term and we all threw a little celebration complete with confetti. It reminds me to enjoy the simple things in life. The staff here at Western Oregon University are a great group to work with.

I will post new pictures with my next blog, but for now a quick ponder of where all the time has gone.