Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Enjoying my 20's

Bronson trying out his funny voice

Bronson eating B-day dinner with me

Bronson feeding the ducks

My 29th B-day

Christen, Kimberly, and I celebrating my 29th B-day

Kyle and I celebrating (I really love this guy)

Kimberly and I celebrating some more
That is right, I have one more year of my 20's left. I just turned 29 on the 12th of September and plan to make this last year in my 20's the best ever. I had a fantastic birthday this year starting off with a party thrown by my co-workers. I then went out with some friends for dinner and drinks on Friday night. On Saturday (my actual birthday) we took Bronson to feed the ducks and ate dinner in Corvallis. Kyle got me the best present ever. He had Bronson paint me two paintings on canvas' for the dining room. They are so special.