Sunday, August 8, 2010

My brother, Jackson

Ultrasound July 26, 2007: Found out we were having twins!!!

There has been lots of new conversations in our house lately. Bronson is quite the talker and says things that I didn't think I would hear for years. His most recent topic of conversation is heaven. He told me that his grandma is in heaven taking his brother Jackson and baby Lindsay to the park. Apparently when he asked his Ya-ya a few months ago about where his grandma was she told him that she was in heaven. He came up with the rest of this on this own. Kyle and I aren't really sure how to approach the topic of Jackson with Bronson, but it is a part of our life. I am not really sure how much he understands, but he is very interested in talking about Jackson lately. He also tells me several times a week that we "need to pray for the NICU babies." A co-worker of mine made some blankets for the NICU babies and Bronson was so happy that he had "Dees" (name for blanket) to take to the NICU babies. He told me that the babies were cold and needed their dees. This boy has such a heart of gold and is so caring about babies and others.

Saturday morning when I got him out of the shower he boldly stated to me that he had a brother named Jackson, but he calls him Jack. I have never even said anything like that to him, but he now talks all the time about baby Jackson. Right after this his words were, "My name is Bronson and my brother is Jackson." This comment melted my heart, but I really don't know what to do about this. Kyle and I are praying about how to approach this issue when Bronson is at an age that he understands. It is a tough topic. As you can see from our ultrasound, they began life together. How do you explain to a child that their identical twin is in heaven?