Friday, August 20, 2010


Swimming at Otter Beach with Olivia and She She
is the best medicine. Bronson and Kyle are two of the funniest guys I know. Kyle and I are amazed at the sense of humor that is contained in our toddler's body. He makes up jokes on a daily basis and will do nearly anything to make someone laugh. This week has been a rough week, but so worth it! On Tuesday I decided that Bronson was plenty old enough to stop drinking bottles and took them away cold turkey. He has done amazing. Here is the following minor snafu...(Please keep in mind that he learned this bad word from me after I stepped in some dog poo while wearing flip flops) This is a lesson in don't say anything in front of your kids that you don't want them to repeat.

Wednesday Morning riding to Ya-ya's house

Ya-ya: Bronson, what do you want for breakfast?

Bronson: I would like a bottle.

Ya-ya: I don't have bottles at my house. You only drink from cups now.

Bronson: Please have a bottle.

Ya-ya: No honey, we don't have bottles anymore.

Bronson: (under his breath) oh Sh*t!!! Just lovely, but you can tell his frustration. She chose just to ignore it since he didn't think she could hear it. We have decided that some things are better left ignored than making a big deal about it.

Other CUTE things that Bronson has said recently:

  • Holy Mackerel, Holy Cow
  • I want to give you slobbery kisses
  • Mama, I really really love you
  • I can't find it anywhere
  • Why are all the cats naked?
  • Olivia is my cousin (this is his most favorite sentence to repeat over and over again)
  • That is super cute
  • So so Silly
  • Those are my girls (speaking of Mary and Gina)
  • I have a brother named Jackson, but I call him Jack
  • I am a baby genius