Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jesus has highlights

Bronson says the funniest things lately. He also says some of the sweetest things too. Recently he started telling us that he loves us without any prompting. He will also tell me that I look pretty or that something is very cute. My other favorite thing that he says is thank-you whenever you give him any compliments. This past week he started responding with, "Yes, I do" whenever you ask him a question. I love watching his language take off.

While I was pregnant with Bronson for obvious reasons our attendance to church began to decline. After having Bronson it has been incredibly hard to keep a regular Sunday schedule. Our number one concern is that we don't want to get him sick. It seemed that whenever we took him to a large crowded indoor environment we would end up at the doctor's the next week. We finally settled on taking turns going to the service and leaving when Bronson began to squirm too much. It has been one of my biggest struggles as a parent, because I get a new boost of energy from being able to worship with my church family. Kyle and I both have a strong relationship with God and want our son to grow up to also have  a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Despite our lack of attendance of church, we know that we are teaching Bronson about Jesus. This past week as I was putting Bronson to bed he asked for me to tell him a story about Jesus and then immediately asked if we could pray to Jesus for all the babies. He also is very quiet and well behaved during his prayers. We have been praying together as a family since the day he was born. We started the tradition of praying over him while he was in the NICU and still pray each night as a family. He loves to put in his own prayer requests. I have found lately that he will remember to pray for things that I have forgotten about. He has such a desire to serve other people.

This morning when we woke up I told Bronson that I had a great dream with him in it. He politely told me that he had a dream about Jesus and him vacuuming all night. He still has a huge obsession with vacuums. When I asked him what Jesus looked like, he told me that he had long hair with highlights. Kyle and I cracked up. He overheard Alex and I talking about highlights the other day and now constantly talks about who has highlights. He told Kyle and I that Jesus has blond highlights. I thought this was story for the babybook. I am looking forward to hearing all about his many dreams tomorrow when he wakes up.