Sunday, January 10, 2010

Answering the door in my snuggie...

I thought this title would make for a great post. I had been sitting here racking my brain for a title and then my friend stopped over and I seriously answered the door in my OSU snuggie. My great friend, Jim bought it for me for Christmas as a joke and I love it!!! I would never wear it to an actual game, but I do find it nice for days when I have the time to sit and relax. I love sitting here typing on my computer and not being cold. No, this is not an advertisment for a snuggie, however, I am really happy about this surprise gift.

I was super fortunate today to be able to start going back to church. Unfortunately, Kyle and Bronson stayed home with colds. About 15 minutes after walking in the door Bronson began throwing up and I spent about 25 minutes cleaning up puke. I have an incredibly weak stomach that is beginning to think it is normal to clean up puke on a weekly basis. I also think it is normal to do an average of 2 loads of laundry per day. This gets very exhausting when you are also working 40 hours a day.

Please be praying as we are opening a new chapter in our life. Bronson now goes to a wonderful family in our church two days a week and the rest of the week spends alternate days with his two grandmas. Please pray that his overall health begins to get better and that he adapts to this new change quickly. Please also pray that Kyle and I begin to have doors open in our careers. We are praying for God's direction in the decision of whether to pursue more school or other options. We are so thankful for our friends and family, God Bless You as you begin 2010.