Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28, 2009: Two Years Old

Bronson is two years old today and we think he decided to be "terrible" for the fun of it. Honestly, we think that he might be teething or something because he spent the entire day being incredibly cranky for Kyle and Ann. I had to work, which really sucked. It was hard to not be with my little birthday boy for the day. His only request for his birthday was that I bring him frenchfries and cheese. When I pulled the frenchfries out of the bag and didn't immediatley produce the cheeseburger he demanded to know where it was. He is getting great at telling us no. He has also became quite the talker the past couple of weeks and his favorite phrase is, "what's this." We think that it is absolutely adorable each time his little cheeks puff out when he asks us something. He loves his family and finds it really funny to make nicknames up for each member. He has recently been calling Grandpa Kerfoot just plain Cookie because he remembers that he gives him cookies. It really has melted his heart. We were blessed by a special visit this year for Christmas and have gotten to spend an entire week with Grandpa Kerfoot. It has been extremely special for our entire family.

Bronson loved Christmas this year! He really got into the presents, but more importantly we took the time to tell him the story of Christmas. We took him out last week to see the live nativity in Dallas and he was enthralled by the live baby Jesus. It was super cute. He also loves the song Silent Night and can now sing most of the words along with anyone who wishes to sing with him. This age is so magical and Kyle and I wanted to do as much as possible to create wonderful Christmas memories with him.

Some of Bronson's quick facts are:

-Weight somewhere near 26 pounds
-No idea how tall he is (He wears 18 months and almost 2 t's)
-Loves cheese
-Loves and hates the vacuum
-Loves to mop and dust
-Loves to color
-Loves horses which he calls sheshoes
-Loves his family
-Has a vocabulary of well over 50-100 words
-Favorite activity, sports and dancing