Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feeling a little tired...

These last couple of weeks have been a stir of emotions. Our family just returned from Redmond this past weekend to celebrate the life of Kyle's Grandma Kerfoot. She went to be our Lord on December 8th. We pray daily for Grandpa Kerfoot to find peace admist his sadness. They were married three months shy of 66 years. Kyle and I both didn't realize until the funeral that they started dating in high school too. It is a true testament that if you build your marriage on a strong foundation it doesn't matter how young when you start out. I fall more in love with my husband on a daily basis.

Listening to the stories of Grandma's life reminded me to model the behavior that she exhibited daily. Love others more than yourself and Love the Lord. She was such a true testimony of faith. She will be so missed, yet I know that I will see her again. I treasure the thought that she is now spending time with loved ones and cuddling on our two baby angels.

Kyle and I finally got the chance to decorate the tree last night. I guess I should clarify that Kyle and Bronson decorated the tree. I came down with the terrible sickness that Bronson has and went to the ER for this past weekend, so I spent the evening capturing the memories on the video camera. Kyle and I relished that our little boy knew exactly how to decorate a tree and after some prompting starting spreading out the ornaments. Our tree is so special this year because of the little hands that helped to decorate it. It is shy quite a few of our special ornaments, but all the more special because we want Bronson to enjoy the tree without worrying about ornaments being broken. We put the ornaments that allow us to remember Lindsay and Jackson in areas of the house that Bronson can't touch. For some reason he has found a huge liking to a Christmas framed picture of us on our wedding day. He keeps running up to it and pullling it down to kiss it. I think it is pretty cute.

Bronson is no longer going to daycare. There were quite a few of issues and after a quick discussion all parties decided it wasn't the best fit for him. We are now in the process of looking for someone that wants to spend three days a week with our son. I am going to handle this situation with tons of prayer. It was such an emotional day for me when I realized that my son was unhappy with the place he spent such a great deal of time at. We spent the day together today and when I asked him if he loved hanging out with mommy he said a very positive yes. We are working hard on making some lifestyle adjustments so that someday in the future I am able to stay home with our family. Part of these adjustments include a lot of cooking even when I am tired. I actually love to cook when I have the time and I think that Kyle is getting used to having different types of food prepared for him.

As we enter the week before Christmas I am reminded that the reason for this season is the birth of Jesus. Please remember to thank Him for the family, faith, and friends that you have. Merry Christmas!