Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bronson: 16 Months Old...

In Prayer Position

1st Haircut

Eating his Easter bunny

My favorite boys

1st Solo Ice Cream Cone
It is time for the monthly update on Bronson. He is doing great despite his recent mood change. He has a hot little temper. It is actually a little cute though, because right in the middle of a tantrum he will quit crying realize his bad mood and reach over and give you a kiss. For the most part he is a happy baby, but we are starting to think his delay in talking is causing him some stress. Bronson has been extremely busy this month. He was involved in the March for Babies in Corvallis, OR on April 25, 2009. Our team raised over $2200 so far and are still going strong. He also celebrated Easter with his family and dove right into the chocolate in his basket. He also got a very small case of the chicken pox from his vaccination and we experienced all sorts of lovely effects from the sickness.

Here is some up to date information:

-Last weight check 20 pounds, 2 ounces (they didn't do his height)
-6 teeth
-Had his first haircut from Auntie Ashley
-Had his first ice cream cone solo in celebration of Caleb's 1st birthday from afar
-Says a few more words, but mostly rambles around the house
-Loves bananas and any meat
-Chokes easily

We hope that this finds you well. I bet that there is more to report, but I am extremely tired and want to take advantage of him going to bed early tonight.