Sunday, April 26, 2009

March for Babies 2009

Sweet Smiling Emma Rose
Auntie Te-Te with Bronson

Bronson did not want a picture with Emma, poor sweet girl

Miss Mia ready for the walk

Doing my speech, I did okay...

The May Family

Our Team 2009

Kandis and I

Bronson kept hiding under his hat for the walk

The Deets Family

Cuddling with Auntie Christen

Kyle and Jim playing on the playground

We did it!!!! We all walked in semi-cold weather (some sprinkles) 6.2 miles yesterday to raise support and awareness for March for Dimes. It was a GREAT event. So far, our team total has reached $2230. I will give a final total after May when they close down the year's donations. We are still able to accept donations until May 30, 2009. My mom also commented that appeared we had one of the largest teams. I was so excited to have so many members of my family and great friends there to support us. We also had the pleasure of Miss Emma Rose and her parents walking with us. She is Jim's niece who was born at barely 26 weeks. She is one cutie. Thanks to the following people for walking on our team this year:

  • Kyle, Amber, and Bronson Deets

  • Christen Oien

  • Shellene and Austin Foster

  • Kandis and Mia Galvan

  • Jamie Woodard

  • Adam, Anna, and Emma May

  • Jim Starker

  • Alexis and Olivia Page

We had an awesome time and were really happy with the event. Kimmy Gustafason did an amazing job organizing this event. I have included lots of pictures of the event, for your viewing pleasure and because Bronson's Auntie She She asked. Love to all of you and thanks for all of your prayers and support.