Monday, August 25, 2008

Jackson Deets Memorial Fundraiser

Hello Family and Friends- Many of you received a letter many months ago in regards to how Kyle and I planned on handling the death of our son, Jackson Ray Deets. This is the beginning of the planning process in raising funds for our March of Dimes Memorial Relay Team. I will be hosting a Baby Bazaar on November 1, 2008, location to be determined. I am currently trying to collect craft items that people would like to donate to raise funds at the Bazaar. For example, my mother-in-law is working away on knitted baby items to be sold at the event. I understand that not everyone has a craft or the need to buy baby items, yet I know that we all like to work together to raise funds for a good cause.

100% of the proceeds from this event will be donated in memory/honor of our son, Jackson to March of Dimes. We will be participating in a team relay event in April of 2009 and these funds will go towards our team's total. All items that do not sell at the Bazaar will be taken to the event to be sold or donated to a local baby bank if not sold after the event. There are several ways that you can help. This is a new adventure for us and I have chosen to put my whole heart in this cause. March of Dimes does several things to help families such as ours after the delivery of a premature infant. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the medical system get to work with both of our sons, yet we are amazed at the medical treatment that Bronson received at Eugene's Sacred Heart Medical Center. It is amazing to us the types of equipment and treatment that modern medicine can do to treat such premature and fragile infants. We are able to see once again of their miracles as they continue to treat our dear friend Emma at Sacred Heart. The March of Dimes not only donates money to help families in need, but also assists to provide equipment and supplies to the hospitals such as these.For further information, you can visit

I have chosen to step down from all other fundraising events during this year to be able to have a strong team for our April 2009 March of Dimes Relay.

Here are ways that you can help:

-prayer of course

-donation of baby craft items (tax deduction letters will be sent)

-attend the event and purchase items from Baby Bazaar

-donation of money towards our team as the fundraising for team funds begins

-invite friends and family to event once you receive invitation

I have included a picture of Bronson before and after, so you can witness the difference this type of technology can make and little love too of course.

Love Kyle, Amber, and Bronson Deets in memory of our loved one, Jackson Deets