Thursday, September 12, 2013

Surgery to Now

Going into the possibility of three surgeries back to back my sister was way calmer than anyone I have ever known. My heart was pounding and I was spending a great deal of time in my closet crying out to the Lord. At times my heart was too heavy to speak any words and I knew that each tear was being counted as I prayed, pleaded, and battled with my feelings.

Surgery date: April 25, 2013...Oaklen turned 2 at Auntie Lexi's house while the rest of us braced ourselves for the first of many surgeries...I am wearing a scarf from a dear friend from smallgroup and literally felt all the prayers being said for my sister.

Facebook Updates: 

Ashley Sult is out of surgery and we are waiting to see her in the ICU. The surgeon said everything went better than expected. It went slow because she had so much scar tissue from the previous 11 hour surgery. He thinks the scar tissue could have been what has been causing her so much pain. Anyways, she had her right lobe of her liver removed and there were no surprises of any more tumors. She was very concerned prior to surgery because they were going to vent her until tomorrow, but they just told us that she would be taken off the vent before we see her in about an hour. Dr. Sheppard feels very good and solid about this surgery and doesn't think that anything should slow down the next surgery happening on the 14th. We are super thankful for this outcome. Have a great day!

Have you recently witnessed God performing miracles? I witnessed a huge one today as my sister laid in bed smiling at me from 15 feet away and acknowledging how good our God is...she then requested a kiss as we both were speechless at how blessed we are...she put it perfectly when she said why would I doubt that The Lord would bless me today when he blessed me exactly two years ago when my son was born? Wake up everyone...God provides us miracles daily! The Lord is so good.

On the 27th of April we Marched for Babies with Oaklen in tow. It was the first year we didn't complete the entire 10K, but felt blessed to have many praises in our life.

April 30, 2013: Oaklen was reunited with his mama.
Best part of my day, talking to my sister (my best friend) twice on the phone. Seriously the sweetest sound right now is her voice that reassures me that her spirit is still strong in The Lord and that he is equipping her with His strength to get through this.

Ashley's 1st lung surgery was very successful. It took a lot less time than expected. No surprise tumors were found. This was the harder of the two said the recovery will be very painful, please pray that she has some relief from the pain. Thanks for your prayers.

Talked to my mom an hour or so ago and she reported that Ash had done four laps around the floor, was back to solid foods, and was feeling good under the circumstances. Ash has chosen to stay at OHSU until her next surgery so that she will be eligible to get an epidural. Please continue to pray for successful surgery next Tuesday. As her big sister I will be walking tomorrow at Relay for Life...I raised $150 in her honor and want to do my part in fighting for a cure. I LOVE my baby sister. 

I participated in Relay for Life and had some time with some girlfriends to get my mind off the reality of what was happening with my sister. The meds that she was taking during this time were taking it out of her. I hit an emotional low that I was worried about getting out from.

Best part of my day, talking to my sister (my God given best friend) twice on the phone. Seriously the sweetest sound right now is her voice that reassures me that her spirit is still strong in The Lord and that He is equipping her with His strength to get through this. The Lord is blessing me with some serious prayers answered. Went and celebrated the upcoming birth of Jamie Davis' baby boy!

May 21, 2013: Ashley's final surgery started 30 minutes ago.
My mom's status: Ashley update: Surgery over...five tumors removed and lung clear..she's only lost aprox 2% of her lung tissue so with the other side she's only lost a total of aprox 7% ...much better than we expected...she's in recovery waiting to go to ICU so we can see her...the only issue presently is controlling the pain...3 major surgeries in 4 weeks can take their now we are praying for her comfort..both physically and spiritually..... and a super speedy recovery so that she can home to her family and enjoy her summer! God Bless you all and thank you once again for your prayers...Once again we've been blessed by God's awesomeness!

13K we meet again...having a sleep over with my baby sister Ashley Sult. For all of my fellow prayer warriors out there keep on Praying for Ashley Sult...the prayers are working. She has great nurses, pain is being managed, and the meds that she is on are allowing her to get up and take her required strolls around the floor (she does an extra lap each time, just to give it a little more effort)...she is still on a long road of recovery, but as of right now the prescription from Dr. S is keep on living and loving life. Praise our Savior Jesus Christ.

Ashley came home on May 27, 2013. She goes back into the hospital for infection at Albany General.

Watching my beautiful son cuddled up in the hospital bed with his She She watching cartoons and sharing a little secret melted my heart. When she asked him if he was bothered by her feeding tube he looked her in the eye and said, "no." He then just cuddled a little closer and enjoyed his moments. Ash has been there throughout Bronson's life changing testimony and now he spends each night pouring out his heart to a God on behalf of her. They have an amazing bond that I can't adequately put into words. Ashley Sult

June 6, 2013: 
Ashley Sult was released and is staying with us in Dallas until our Dad gets out of school. Bronson is loving having her here even if he has to share his favorite green blanket while they watch Jessie together.

July 19, 2013: Ashley has another surgery to place a tube in her abscess in the liver. 
Ashley update: Ashley is back in her room....looks amazing...a little tender but all in all...doing great...God is great! Oh and the doctors at ohsu aren't half bad have been fantastic!
Ashley Sult and I are just pinteresting, reading magazines, and catching up. Surgery doesn't even seem like it happened she is so good.

I threw Ashley a "surprise" birthday party at Grace Community Church. She was in the hospital until the day of they party. 

August 8th update: Ashley Sult's big scans are on Monday, but guess what? She is feeling well enough to join us with my dad at Family Camp this weekend. This is such an answer to prayer!
Preliminary results from today's CT scan for Ashley Sult show no evidence of reoccurrence of disease. Praise God. She does have to go back in two weeks to get a check up for the drain tube, but we are spending tonight being very thankful.Wear Yellow Wednesday for Ashley Sult; now is our time to pray with purpose that this cancer continues to stay away from my beautiful sister's body. God you are amazing and beautiful and I will never cease to praise You for blessing us with your presence and answer to prayers. Thank for you 3 more months!

Ashley feels rejuveniated enough to experience Enchanted Forest with Oaklen, Olivia, her best friend, and our Dad. Later in the month we also attend an air show.

September 4, 2013: DRAIN FREE, this is a picture from when she became PICC free (something she never wants to have again)
Celebrating Hanson's birthday