Monday, July 29, 2013

Just a Few Car Shows

This is the first year in a long time that Kyle and I have only attended one car show. It is also the first year in many that we have not attended the Philomath Car Show. Kyle told me that it would be too difficult to attend this year as he would miss his friend Paul too much. Paul and Kyle loved attending the Philomath Car Show together and Kyle was one of the first people to cheer him on when he thought about placing his fixed up truck in the show. It just would not have been the same without him.

On Sunday we attended the Dallas Car Show and sadly Kyle realized that car shows might start to become a thing of the past. Although he and his dad enjoy going to them, Bronson does not enjoy the same passion and going as a family is not everything that Kyle hoped it would be. Bronson is for the most part well behaved, but I don't think any kid enjoys sitting amongst hundreds of cars for over 8 hours. I am very proud of Kyle and how hard he has worked to get this car ready for shows. This car has been in our family since before we were even married. It is the culmination of 4H money, sold motorcycles, and finally his F150 1979 Ford pickup truck. I am very proud that my hubby has something that he can show to Bronson and explain that this is the way you make an investment of time and money. It all began with cows and now look at the pretty picture.

Congrats to Kyle for winning 2nd place this weekend. He beat out two other C3s and a well deserving 1959 Corvette. We think that the judges of this bracket must really like the newer Corvettes because it seems that they always win 1st place, but we are still happy to display this trophy sponsored by our friend Mitch Ratzlaff.