Saturday, October 15, 2011

Turning 30...

My favorite picture of the evening, Ashley was really worried I had turned CRAZY!!!


Jim and I (He is one of my very best friends)

Me with the love of my life...(Doesn't he have an amazing smile?)

From left to right: Austin, Alexis, Me, Ashley and our brother James
September was a very busy month for many reasons, but for one of the more celebrated reasons I turned 30 on the 12th. We knew ahead of time that we needed to throw the birthday bash on Labor Day in order for people to be able to make it and turned out that it provided us an opportunity to have some fun prior to Ashley's surgery date. I was so thankful to have so many of my family and friends there to celebrate the beginning of my 30's. It was also nice to that Labor Day weekend was the first home game of the season for the Beavers. Jim was nice enough to host the party at his house and it was an all out color coordinated event.

On my actual birthday things went really down hill because my little sister was still in the hospital and spent most of the night not feeling well. Kyle started texting me that Bronson was sick and I headed home to spend the day at home with my sick little boy. Fortunately I have some very thoughtful and great friends that brought me over cards, flowers, and goodies. I am so thankful for all of my dear family and friends. So far life is proving to be very great in my thirties!

One of the beautiful arrangements that I received.