Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy July

As I uploaded several pictures to my facebook yesterday I realized that we have already had a very busy month. Including our 4th of July celebration at the Fery Farm, we were able to spend time with our family, go to Gilbert House, and enjoy several evenings watching Bronson at swimming lessons. Bronson is blossoming into such a bright and cheerful little boy. He has the best sense of humor and I find myself laughing at not only his funny sayings, but the way that he chooses to express himself through dance, play, or conversation. He has the best facial expressions when he tells a story. Instead of pulling out the camera for every cute face I find myself trying to take mental snapshots of his adorable faces. I pull these images to the surface when he has his bad days, which come sometimes more than I would like due to his strong will and determination. I remind myself often that his personality is part of the reason he is here today. From day one he has had a strong determination for life. He now adds to this his exceptional bargaining skills for all sorts of things.

Most recently his sweet self was surprised by his Papa and Yaya with a motorized vehicle. He was so thankful for the gift that he didn't know how to respond. After realizing that the gift was in fact intended for him he hoped right in and took off. I know that in 13 short years I will be watching him take off down the driveway in a real car, I just wish it didn't go by so fast. Kyle and I often find ourselves watching him and wondering where our tiny baby is. He has passed right through the baby/toddler stage and is officially a little boy. I am so thankful for his sweet spirit.

Some recent conversations with Bronson:

Bronson: "My favorite park is the Birch Street Park. They have swings and tater tots."

Bronson: "You are gorgeous and sweet too."

Bronson: "When I grow up I am going to have 49 kids and I will probably just marry you." (referring to me his mommy)

While watching a movie he turns to me and states that when he grows up he is going to have a little sister and he will be the best big brother ever. We were watching a movie about the relationship between a brother and sister and he had caught on to the concept. He is always processing his next conversation.

Most recently he spends a lot of time reading his "little bible booryk (his pronunciation)" and states and God says, I will keep you safe and cover your eyes when you are scared.

Relaxing in his new car

Visiting the Gilbert House with cousin Olivia

Philomath Car Show 2011

He woke up from nap and saw this!!!!

Relaxing in the river with Auntie Jill and Abbygail

I LOVE this face

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NanaLanette said...

Just remember the very same thing that I tell Sharon, when the kids are having their own thoughts and opinions. That strong will and determination is why these babies are here. Without that they may not have fought hard enough to be able to enrich our lives the way they have. Don't ever feel the need to defend yourself for feeling overwhelmed by them. This is your tutorial for the teen years. Without these moments of primer and love, no one would ever reach 17. You always continue to amaze me with the love and consideration you have for others. You have helped teach me that maybe I need to be more flexible, and less black and white.