Monday, May 2, 2011

Auntie Amber

Auntie Amber with Olivia Brooke

Auntie Sunshine with Mia

She loves all of her aunties

All of the aunties with Olivia

My two precious kiddos, Colby and Abbygail
I was pregnant and didn't know life began to change...

Auntie Amber with Oaklen McCrae

Before I became a mommy to Bronson I was told on several occasions that there might be a chance that I would never have children of my own. I have shared before that my faithful husband continued to pray and believe that we would be blessed in God's timing. Part of the way that I dealt with this time was to throw myself 100% into spoiling and loving on all of nieces and nephews. I have been very fortunate to claim many little ones as my own. I am very close to several of their mommies and was there for a few of the deliveries. I will never forget the day that my sweet Colby was born. It was a last minute decision for me to be there and I feel so honored that I witnessed something so beautiful as him breathing his first breath. Colby has always had  a very special spot in my heart and continues each year to amaze me with the sweet and kind heart that he has. He is also all boy and I love hearing all of his tales about hunting and fishing. I was a very proud auntie to hear of his recent award of top fishermen at a fishing derby. His sister Abbygail also never ceases to make my heart warm with her wonderful hugs and phone calls.

Each and everyone of these sweet children in my life were sent here with a purpose. I feel that now that I am a mom to my own child that I have an even stronger purpose for being in their lives. I might not be able to spoil them as much or spend as much time with them, but I am led daily to spend time in prayer for them. I pray that each and everyone of these beautiful children grow into wonderful adults and that they have happy and fulfilled lives. When my sweet Olivia Brooke was born it forever changed me. There is something so entirely cool about watching your little sister become a mom. My niece looks just like her mommy and blesses me so much with her personality. She is such a ball of energy and loves her cousin Bronson beyond words. I love watching Olivia and Bronson together more than I can even describe. Their relationship is such a blessing.

Little Miss Mia nicknamed me at a very young age: Auntie Sunshine. When we finally figured out that she said she did this because she thinks my hair is the color of sunshine it had stuck. Mia is such an adorable little girl and I pray that she grows into a strong and independent woman.

I have so many wonderful little kids in my life. This past week I got to be witness to another miracle as my beautiful sister Ashley gave birth to her adorable son, Oaklen McCrae. He has instantly given me baby fever and I just can't get enough of him.

God had a plan for me. He knew that someday I would become a mommy to a very special boy named Bronson. He also knew that I would be an auntie to many and gave me the purpose to pray and love them. Happy Mother's Day to all of you that may or may not have children. This is a special day to honor the women in our lives that raise all the children including moms, grandmas, and aunties too.