Friday, April 15, 2011

The Business of Bronson

My kid is hilarious. Here is some of his recent funny conversations...some may be more funny having been there, but I LOVE this age. 3 is so far my most favorite.

  • Mommy, there is a difference between motors and engines.
  • I don't like that lady  (pointing to a pregnant lady and looking a little scared)...she stole McCrae. (referring to his cousin) He thinks that all pregnant ladies are carrying the same baby. Kind of a funny concept.
  • The way that he says fettuccine (it is adorable)
  • "I LOVE pooping on the toilet."
  • After a recent trip to the toilet: "Mom, I dropped another snakey one."
  • Whenever I take him shopping he now says with lots of enthusiasm, "That is the cutest thing I have ever seen." He also loves to pick out clothes for his cousin.
  • That is the other thing. I love how he calls Olivia cousin or just Libby.
  • He also asks to hold us all the time and really wants to put his arms around us.