Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bronson Funnies

Here is some new stuff that Bronson is doing:
  • Sings the entire songs of Guns and Roses, "Sweet Child of Mine," complete with the hold out miiiinnnnneee. Knows more than 10 songs of Def Leopard and Guns and Roses. Can sing the entire song that his daddy wrote for him, "I will love you forever." He calls it the always song.
  • Loves the number 55 for some reason and tries to count there quickly.
  • Stands up to go pee. Even if it means using a stool to stand that high.
  • Wants to write his name all the time. He has successfully created his first B.
  • Any new word that he hears he will tell us is a bad word. I guess he has heard us tell him that words are bad too often. His humor is a little too bathroom related.
  • Still obsessed with the guitar and vacuum. He requests YouTube videos to watch other little kids play with both of these items. His favorite video is of a German guy singing into the vacuum hose Happy Birthday.
  • Says that he has a baby in his tummy. He tells us that he is having a girl and She She is having a boy. I wonder what will happen when She She brings home her baby boy.
  • Tells me every night at dinner that I am cooking so good for him. I love this age and the compliments.
  • Has declared that he is a duck fan on occasion lately. He even repeats the line, "I am a duck. I love my ducks." Seriously not cool in our house. I know that this makes several of his great uncles and his great grandpa Cookie very happy.
  • Talks about marrying girls now. He has several girlfriends, including ones that are SEVERAL years older.
Just wanted to document my little cutie. Someone yesterday commented that he no longer has the baby face...he is a full blown kid now. What a compliment. He is sure cute!