Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fight for Preemies: November 17, 2009

In order to honor the preemie of my life, please visit the first post after he was born. We were such proud parents. To clarify his weight was actually 2 pounds, 3.4 ounces and he was more than 10 weeks premature. I am happy to report that our little man has grown quite well and is now pushing the scales at close to 26 pounds and not even 2 years old. We are looking forward to celebrating his 2nd birthday next month along with some family and close friends. Praise God for answered prayers! Our boy had a strong fight, but our prayers were answered and we have been blessed with a wonderful, healthy, and happy son.



MoDLin said...

What a beautiful boy. I'm so happy to know he is a big strapping 26 pounds now! Thank you for this post and for spreading the word to fight for preeies!

Sadia said...

He's beautiful. 26 pounds already! That's incredible.

My twins were 7 weeks early, 3 lb 6 oz and 3lb 9 oz. They're now 3 and a half, and 28 and 26 pounds each. And I thought they were doing a great job catching up with the age-mates!!

Jason said...

Jason here from BloggersUnite. Thanks for being part of the BloggersUnite event and helping to raise awareness for the March of Dimes and all they do.

What a handsome boy. Hope he has a great B-day!

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