Sunday, October 4, 2009


I know some of you will panic at the sight of a toddler holding a gun. Don’t worry, it is fake. We are experiencing a whole new thing at our house right now as Bronson slowly begins to pretend to be a miniature version of his daddy. His new favorite things, next to baseball, are “boom booms.” All of our real guns remained locked under super security. It began a couple of weeks ago when Kyle and Bronson were relaxing in bed watching, “Guns and Ammo.” Bronson came downstairs holding one of our miniature disc guns that we use in Sunriver. He was referring to it as a "boom boom." The original site made me startle a little. I thought it would be later that this interest would become my son’s hobby, but we are already starting.

Kyle and I both remain pro-gun Americans and feel that it is a parent’s decision whether or not to have guns in their homes. We also believe strongly that it is also the responsibility of ALL parents to teach their kids about gun safety regardless of whether or not they own guns. It is often a child at someone else’s house that finds a gun and doesn’t realize what not to do because of lack of such discussions. We are very serious about providing safety and security for our guns and teaching our son the respect of gun safety. Kyle and I both grew up in homes with guns and learned at a young age to NEVER touch a gun without a parent’s permission. This is my new it too early for him to be playing with fake guns?