Wednesday, October 28, 2009

22 Months: I love double digits!

We can hardly believe it. Bronson will be 2 years old in 2 months. I find myself pinching myself when I realize that sooner than later my “baby” will be more of a big boy than baby. He is growing so quickly and Kyle and I remark daily on how much fun it is to have a toddler in the house. Kyle even thinks that he is a 5 year old trapped in a baby’s body. He definitely has a sense of humor. We love watching him play jokes on us and others in the family.

We have started a new chapter in our lives and Bronson is now attending day care full-time. I am working in Corvallis for Samaritan Health Plans and he is going to daycare in Philomath. The first couple of weeks were rough due to him catching a cold, but he really seems to be enjoying himself this week quite a bit. He really likes the new little baby and I secretly think that it is pretty neat that his new little friend has the name, Jackson. It is neat to hear my baby boy talk about little Jack. He also has a new little girlfriend that is only 16 months old, but at least 2 inches taller than him. I am glad to know that he is being well taken care of and that I can relax while at work.

We haven’t done a whole lot this month, but while looking back at the pictures I realize that we did go to the pumpkin patch for the first time. Airlie Family Farms was wonderful! I think that we will try to make it a tradition. Bronson was a little grumpy that day due to lack of sleep, but we still managed to have quite a bit of fun. Our biggest discovery of the day besides purchasing a 33 pound pumpkin was finding out that Bronson breaks out in a rash and gets puffy eyes from hay.

Highlights of Bronson:

 Bronson did weigh 26 pounds but lost some weight due to sickness and is back to 24 pounds.

 He now measures as a size 7 in shoes, but his favorite new rubber boots are size 5.

 He is beginning to potty train and went poop and pee in the potty on Saturday for the 1st time.

 He LOVES to dance!!! This kid could listen to music all day if we let him.

 His favorite cartoon is Ni Hao, Kai-lan. He can repeat all the Chinese words on the show. We like to think that he remembers some Chinese from his fairy godmother, Snow.

 He is a CLEAN FREAK…if he makes any kind of mess; he immediately runs to the drawer and gets a towel to clean it up. Next to dancing he loves to sweep or vacuum.

 He can pretty much say anything, but his new favorite word this month is Malachi (the little boy that lives across the street.)

 He LOVES babies. We had the great opportunity to watch Gavin a few days this month and I swear Bronson behaved the best on these days. He is so gentle and tells Kyle and I all the time that he wants a baby. Sorry little man, no babies in the near future.