Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recap of August 2009

My sweet boy on the way home from Redmond
He loves to wear ya-ya's glasses, daddy hates this

I love his smile.

Helping daddy clean the floor

He fell asleep eating his Arby's sandwich

On the Deets Farm

Loving Cousins

I finally have a moment to capture the events of our last month. Bronson is officially 20 months and weighs a whopping 23.2 pounds and measures 31 1/2 inches long. He is beginning to look a little stocky; some might say like a future football player. Bronson continues to amaze us daily. His vocabulary is growing and he is beginning to get quite the attitude. Sometimes this attitude tends to also put his mommy in a fussy mood, but I am working on establishing a routine with him while I have some permanent time off.

I lost my job on the 31st of August and am in the waiting game for official word from my dream job. It will mean that I have to go back to work full-time, but I am beginning to get a bit of cabin fever and slowly realizing that I need to work to keep my sanity. I love my son more than anything and feel guilty about admitting the needed break, but I did go to school to work in the area of Criminal Justice and I really want to use my education.

Some new things about Bronson: He can now say over 25 words, but refuses to talk in front of anyone other than family. He loves the vacuum and broom and wants to use them all of the time. He can climb on the couch all by himself. He loves animals. He is still a total mommy's boy, but jumps immediately into daddy's arms when he hears the door open. He isn't a big eater, but loves macaroni and cheese and any fruit.
Bronson doesn't listen to the word no. He loves to test his mommy's patience. He is extremely intelligent, but has selective hearing when something comes out of mommy's mouth. He is a pure joy, but also a pure patience tester. I am beginning to think that we are entering the 2's early. Oh lovely day!!!
August Highlights: Trip to Enchanted Forest, Fair, Swimming trips to river, Stayed overnight for 3 day weekend with grandma and grandpa, Chipped his front teeth, and went for a visit to Redmond to visit Great Grandparents.