Monday, September 28, 2009


Yes our son celebrated his 21er by driving his parents crazy. (Maybe a pre-cursor of his real 21st) He is hitting the terrible 2's early and it has been making life VERY difficult. Kyle and I tried to treat him to his favorite restaurant of Red Robin today, but 7 minutes into our lunch date with daddy we had to make a detour and ask them to pack our food to go. Our life is slowly changing as our baby becomes a little boy with lots of energy. This phase of his development is taking adjustment and a lot of patience. Did I say patience? Yes, and since I am married to the most patient man in the world I must say that he is even being tested by Bronson's recent fit throwing. We have spent many recent evenings changing our plans to make room for his possible attitude.

On a much lighter note, Bronson is growing up so extremely fast. He is getting so smart and big. We have even had people comment that is beginning to look a little like a football player. This is a great compliment. For a kid that doesn't eat much, he sure looks healthy. He has been in Sunday School Nursery for the past 2 weeks and really seems to like it. I am really looking forward to his next round of measurements, because I have a feeling that he is getting close to 25 pounds and is starting to get taller too.

I don't have recent measurements, but Papa weighed him a couple of weeks ago and he was 24 pounds. He is also wearing 5 1/2 size shoes. He has pretty big feet. He has a very long torso and is beginning to get longer legs. His body is going through major changes. I try to blame this for the reason of his behavior.

Some things about Bronson:

-He talks all the time and will copy anything you say, but doesn't talk much to members outside his immediate family.
-He LOVES baseball. He informed his Auntie Christen that he will not play football, but wants to play baseball. (Cute little time they had together)
-He loves the word No and uses it for the word No and Nose. It is pretty cute.
-Instead of saying yes, he says sure.
-He loves balloon and currently has a collection of 3 in his playroom for the suckers that can't resist his love for balloons.

-He gives the best hugs and kisses and has a routine where he asks everyvnight for a mama hug.
-He thinks that he can drive and gives daddy a super hard time when he doesn't allow him some car time everyday.
-LOVES macaroni and cheese and would eat it for ever meal if I let him.

He doesn't like:
-Being told no
-Being babied by his cousin Olivia anymore
-Veggies lately
-staying inside all day