Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just for Bronson

You now hold a piece of my heart that has never belonged to anyone else. You are loved so deeply by both me and your daddy that our heart aches when we see you in pain. You have been home less than a week and it seems that even with a true lack of sleep I am still in wonder of your beauty. People have always told me that you would love your own children with a love that cannot be described until you have one of your own. I now understand that more than words can compare.

I am still dealing with a lot of emotions. I am still griefing. I am still at a loss of words over many things that have happened in the last ten weeks since your birth, but I wouldn't trade you for anything. I am sorry that you had such a rough time coming into this world, but I know that you have made many friends and lifetime memories during this amazing journey. One day I will tell you your birth story and tell you about how you have made so many friends. I will also tell you that during your time in the NICU there were THOUSANDS of people praying for you. Churches all over the USA and family members in England were sending their prayers up to the heavens for you. We could feel these prayers each time you had a setback and then overcame it with gusto. You are a fighter. You are the most sweet baby boy I have ever laid eyes on.

As I write this little letter to you to let you know how much I love you, I glance over two inches and see your sweet sleeping face taking quick peeks at your mommy and I know that you love me too!!!!

Bronson, you are an amazing little baby and if I could give you anything in the world...It would be faith. Faith can move mountains!!!! Our faith in God has certainly moved mountains in these last couple of months. Being a Christian is not easy, nor does it keep you from receiving pain or going through hard times. Christ gives you hope, life, and love. A love that I cannot even begin to show you. When you think of how much mommy and daddy love you, times that by a million and you haven't even begun to see how much God loves you..