Monday, July 23, 2007

Growing Like a WEED!!!

I found out that you are a whole inch long today!!! I can't believe it; I can actually comprehend the size of your magnitude. You must have doubled in size over the weekend, because you are sure putting me through the ringer. Last night I almost cried watching a TV show with Kyle about guys surviving the wilderness. This wasn't at all supposed to be sad, but it put me in the mood. I have noticed that I am leveling out in terms of being grumpy. I am so touchy-feely with Kyle. I don't know why, but I constantly want to cuddle up and be held. I am not normally this kind of person.

Well this morning my little plan fell through. I now know that you have a mind of your own. I had truly thought I had gotten past the puking stage, but boy was I wrong. I kept the philosophy that this can all be controlled in your mind. My body finally took control of that idea this morning. Poor Kyle...he was leaving for work when he heard it start in. I had discovered last week that toothbrushing is getting pretty difficult to do without gagging. (Don't worry, I am still brushing my teeth at least twice a day) But anyways this morning there was no holding back I instantly began getting sick and Kyle walked into the bathroom to comfort me just as the worse came. Poor guy, he sat there and rubbed my back while soothing the uncomfortable feeling I was in. He is going to be such a good daddy!!! I know that he is a wonderful husband already, but this just proves his patience. He didn't even once seem revolted at the fact I was standing in my towel getting sick in the bathroom. Gotta love this guy!!!!

Quick recap of this past weekend...I am trying to journal as much as I can so that I can keep track of this period in my life. Kyle and I went out on a date Friday night and went and saw, "I now pronounce you, Chuck and Larry." I wasn't thrilled about seeing this film, but I even have to admit that it was pretty funny. On Saturday we both spent the day hanging out with some friends. I went to Joe Sult's 30th birthday party with Christen and then we checked out the Josh Gracin concert. I wasn't that impressed, but it might have been the fact that two enormously rude women wouldn't sit down in front and kept the entire two back rows from being able to see in front of them. Oh, yeah I went to the fair that day with my mom, Chuck, Austin, Olivia, and grandma and grandpa. We had lots of fun and food. Olivia loved watching the amusement rides and thought that the colors moving around were a private little show just for her. I love her smile so much and enjoyed watching her get so happy over watching all the shapes and colors.

Sunday was an o.k. day. Kyle and I went to the Dallas Summerfest Car Show for a little while and then went and saw another movie. This one sucked...License to Wed. Don't go see it. Kyle slept through the entire thing. The Car Show was fun except that I got way too sunburnt. Overall, our weekend was pretty good. Kyle and I even managed to go to the parade this year, which is a first. I guess that we are getting our practice in for later. Here's to a great week of news!!!!