Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

Our 4th of July went pretty well. Other than me being entirely too grumpy in the morning, I think we had a good day. Independence put on a great fireworks show and we spent time with some of our great friends. Kyle, Jim, and I drove over to Christen's to park and then walked down to the park with her and her parents. The show lasted about 45 minutes and I got to eat a little bit of fair food without going over the top. Does Corn on the Cob sound good? It did last night. Kyle and I are still reeling in the shock of all of our new life changes. God is so great and also has a wonderful sense of humor. We are so incredibly happy!!! This is the first time in our life that everything isn't planned out five years in advance and it feels so good.

Well, other than the fireworks show, we spent time with the Basso, Williams, and Graber family celebrating Mr. Riece's birthday. He is turning 13 on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and we had some great food. Brandon and Conner are growing up so fast and I love watching them play together. It is so amazing watching Brandon learn how to interact so politely with adults. He ha such a vocabulary and just melts both Kyle and my heart when he gives us spontaneous hugs. It seems like only yesterday that the little guy was born, but it has now been just over three years. Wow, time sure flies. Then Conner, he is such a sweetie. He was having so much fun yesterday and his personality is so different from Brandon's. He has no fear and is willing to try so many things. It was a lot of fun hanging out with our "second" family.

Kyle and I are looking forward to a great weekend. It will be our first car show of 2007. We are going to enter our Corvette in the Philomath Rod Run. We look forward to this every year and this year is no exception. We decided not to enter the Mustang, because of lack of time, but maybe next year. Well, I will post more pics of all of these fun events after I get my new computer. At that time I will also post pics of Kyle's latest "Man's Day Purchase." Love to all-Amber