Friday, February 14, 2014

Bronson Turns Six

Our little man is six years old. He constantly has to remind me that he is no longer five. It seems a bit hard to believe that he is closer to ten than one. Bronson had a pretty great birthday. We invited my dad to go with us to Sky High Sports in Tigard where they have a gigantic building filled with trampolines and a foam pit. It wasn't quite what Bronson was expecting, but he still had tons of fun. Unfortunately I had been sick since Christmas and got worse as we were trying to enjoy the day; later I was diagnosed with the flu. We had all of the grandparents over that evening and enjoyed cake and Bronson was able to open some presents. He was surprised with a tablet, lots of cash, and some other fun toys.

Bronson brings us such joy, but in the honor of six birthday here are six fun facts about him:
  1. He has the ability to remember anything from ANY movie whether it be a line, the music, or the name of a character.
  2. He has the best sense of humor. Kyle and I are constantly noticing that he has such quick whit and the ability to come back with the funniest one liners. I can't think of one right now, but will try to edit this later if it comes to my mind.
  3. He says the most in depth and though provoking prayers. A few months ago he started noticing homeless people and asked me a great deal about them. His concerns evolved into asking me about children and whether some of them did not have mommies and daddies. He is quite concerned about foster children and spends a great deal of his time at night in prayer asking Jesus to find them parents and for the homeless people to find shelter. I am so thankful for his kind heart.
  4. Apparently he has split personalities. At school is quite and compliant to a fault. Once he gets home he turns into Crazy B and literally jumps off the wall. I guess I am fortunate that he is doing well in school and saving his energy for me.
  5. He truly loves his family and still spends time letting both of us snuggle him and share about our days. He is a little bit of a Netflix addict, but also LOVES to play with his daddy.
  6. After several years of saying that he wants to grow up to be a policeman he is now convinced that he will grow up to be a Christian rapper and we can often find him rapping about his day, the latest bible verse, or his senses injustices.