Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summertime 2010

Bronson and Olivia on 3rd of July Fireworks
Enchanted Forest July 4th
Bronson playing with all the boys on 4th of July
Bronson and Uncle Jim riding the little CAT at Auntie Jill's
Playing at the beach with Daddy July 12th
Olivia and Bronson playing in the pool
Sadly another month has past since I last posted. Bronson is getting closer to 3 and slowly becoming a kid rather than our little baby. His new hobby is changing the octave of his voice and loves to say, "Hold the baby" in a funny voice. We love his new talent. He also loves to call himself and other people by nicknames. Some of the nicknames for Bronson include Buba, Bubby, Babykins, Pumpkin, and Stinky Winky. He has tons of other ones, but these are a few that he will call himself. In the last couple of days he has decided to start calling me just plain old, Mom and it is breaking my heart. I am really hoping for mommy for longer, but what can you expect.

This month has been amazing and difficult at the same time. I love my job and feel so great about going to work everyday knowing that I am not watching the clock or counting down the hours until I get home. My new job is challenging, but in a great way! I couldn't have asked for my prayers to be answered more. We have been spending a lot of this month doing fun stuff on the weekends including several visits with Olivia and Nana. We took the kids to Enchanted Forest on the 4th of July and then finished the evening off with a BBQ at Auntie Jill's house. We watched the big fireworks the night before in Independence with Auntie Christen, Nana, and Olivia. Kyle and I have also taken Bronson to 2 cars shows and to the coast this month.

This past weekend Kyle and I left Bronson at our house with Nana and spent the day on the river with some friends. We try to make this an annual trip and always enjoy it. It was a busy weekend combined with helping Jim throw his huge housewarming party. Kyle and I both have enjoyed watching the process of Jim's new house being built from start to finish. I am hoping to post more in this next month, but can't promise a schedule when the weather is so inviting outside. I love summer!!!