Friday, June 22, 2007

New Beginnings

Life is full of big changes for us. Kyle and I both have been hired to new jobs. I am working at Western Community Policing Institute located on Western Oregon University's campus and Kyle is working as a Regional Director for Renew Consulting in Salem. Our life is changing full circle. In the same week that Kyle got his new job we also sold our house. We haven't been talking much about this because things went really crazy for awhile. The people that bought our house ordered a home inspection. (We didn't think anything major would be wrong.) Boy, were we surprised. They found mold in our attic. After spending almost $5000 dollars to fix it this past week our house is finally a week away from closing. This has been SOOOOOO stressful for me.

Until yesterday we didn't even have a clue of where we were going to live. Then two days ago I responded to an add on Craig's List and just like that we have a new home. We are going to be renting for about the next nine months until we either find our dream house or build one. We are just going to take a breather for the next three months until Kyle is completely done with his three month probation at his new job. There is a picture at the top of the page. We are not living in the house, but in the apartment above the three car garage. It is really nice and CHEAP!!! 850 square feet of living space will take some getting used to, but we can do it. We are going to save a lot of money and Kyle and I can't wait until we are able to buy our dream home. This is big for us.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers. Life is good. God is great. Kyle is finally able to go to church with me and we are looking forward to having weekends off together. I know our space will be tight, but we would love to make plans with people for the summer.