Saturday, February 17, 2007

What a week!!!

Things have been quite hectic this week. My neice, Olivia, just got released from the hospital on Tuesday evening and in the same evening I ended up taking Kyle into the ER. They both have pneumonia (the bacterial kind). Yes, it is contagious. I know many have seemed amazed that you can pass this around, but yes it is a germ fest out there. Today was our first real day out of the house and we had sooooo much fun. Kyle and I decided to take off for the coast, although it was a perfectly beautiful day here in Dallas.

As we approached Lincoln City we realized that the weather was terrible, but we decided to have fun admist it. I talked Kyle into stopping at the Outlet Stores and we had quite the time. It was wonderful. Kyle even with a straight face asked the sale's lady if they sold motorcyle leather pants and then acted like he was interested. He was really hoping that I would take a picture of him in them to show to his friends. They have an ongoing joke about these kind of pants. Our second stop was the Coach store where I purchased one of my late Christmas presents. I had still been holding onto my Christmas money from Ann and Bill and decided that I wanted a new black bag. It is pretty plain, but I love it.

I am so thankful that Kyle and Olivia are feeling better. I have never had such a scary week. I love both of them so much and can't imagine anything ever happening to them. Well, I better sign off. Kyle and I are going to watch another movie tonight. We have been having a huge movie thon this week.